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July 2nd, 2015|0 Comments

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I’ve worked with them for quite some time now, 7-8 years, they’ve grown quite a lot in the meantime. When we started working together they were just a little shop somewhere in Iowa, but now they’re a pretty good partner. They’ve have really good systems, really good monitoring, they’re very open to suggestions, very open to work with us on whatever we need, so general impression, they’re great.
Adriana Andreeva, Gracenote
They’ve been real asset to our company. They are forward thinking with solutions. I don’t think they were as involved in the hospitality industry prior to working with our company but they quickly adapted to our needs, changing what they do as a company. They put together a whole organization that helps work our account. When you’ve got 70 properties and the ever increasing demands of the guests in our hotels in relation to broadband and internet. Prior to CCR it was very time consuming for me, working the multiple vendors (names several), I’d have to work individually with each of those. Now i can just go to CCR and say we’ve got a property opening up, can you get me a quote for a broadband circuit, here’s the speeds I need, they have national reaching capabilities, they can put together the best opportunities for our company, even things I’d never thought of before. That are very beneficial to us.
Scott Lockwood, Kinseth Hospitality
My overall perception is that they are a good company, they are good to work with, they are very customer focused.
Kevin Russ, Turner Construction
I recently took over our business intelligence and IT management…it’s been less than a month that I’ve been interfacing with them other than on day to day tickets specifically for things I need taken care of. I will be working with them going forward….Timely does come to mind, when we open tickets there’s an automated response letting us know it has been opened, but in the follow through is where they lose us. Opening and closing tickets is a good thing and not a system they should mess with.
Ann Ewoldt , ACP


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